watercolors My current passion. Infused with a variety printmaking techniques, my paintings are somewhat atypical of traditional watercolor style.
2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 1998-2000
Ashokan, New Directions solo exhibition, April 2008 in Wilmington DE
pastepaper Pastepaper is a 16th century method of paper decoration traditionally used for book covers and end sheets. Pigment is added to a basic flour-water paste and spread onto paper, over which various objects can be dragged or pressed to create highly sophisticated, deceptively simple or whimsical patterns.
2008: Collages, Canisters, Boxes, and Books.
pastels Pastels allow me to play with color using a combination of linear and painterly strokes. It's a refreshingly direct medium: no cumbersome presses, tools, or potential water spills.
prints Printmaking was my focus for twenty years in both undergraduate and post-graduate studies. Each medium requires a different set of skills, materials and a fair amount of practical chemistry.
Intaglio, Lithographs, Monoprints & Woodcuts and Silkscreens.

drawings Vine charcoal on Lana paper. The expressive qualities of a simple line and the infinite variations of gray to rich black can be extremely powerful. It's what drew me to printmaking -- but drawing is so much more direct. There are no fancy techniques to hide behind.